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A snippet of conversation relevant to the recent RP Lyn and I are in the middle of.

Lyn, you may or may not want to wait to read until after Cya and Leo talk. ;)

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It took two weeks of it - of Belonging to Leofric Lightning-Blade, of living in his house in Cloverleaf - before Jeska finally couldn't take it anymore.

"Sir?" They were in the living room, with his owner watching what he'd explained to Jeska as "anime" on the "television" while Jeska sat nearby and, usually, stayed quiet.

"Yes, Jeska?" The blond man looked over, seeming mildly but genuinely interested.

"Sir." Jeska took a deep breath and tried to keep his ears from tilting back in nerves. "What am I doing here?"

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Part 1
Part 2

"You can move now."

Jeska bolted upright, gasping for air as he pushed down the surge of panic. He'd felt the injuries healing and the perpetual dull aches from old injuries come back, so he knew his new owner had to be near, but that was right in his ear and there was nobody-- oh.

"Easy now, you're okay." The blond halfbreed suddenly appeared next to him, sight, smells and all, and put a hand on his shoulder. It was surprisingly warm and pleasant; Jeska wouldn't have dared pull away from his owner anyway, but he found himself not wanting to, which was... new.

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this is turning into a bloody saga

Leofric sat, waiting and watching, and the only thing keeping him from pacing nervously - or worse, charging the camp single-handedly - were decades of martial self-discipline. He'd sat down, worked out the whole plan in advance, made absolutely sure it would work, and yet... And yet. The younger man - Jeska, he'd said - was his, now; Leo was responsible for him. And he'd just sent him back into a pack of Nedetakaei, to get himself grabbed by a wild monster and hauled off.

It wouldn't be that bad, Leo reassured himself for the dozenth time. He'd turned off his new Kept's ability to feel pain, for the moment, and he'd heal him as soon as the others were sufficiently convinced he'd been killed, but it was still... uncomfortable.

He was never, ever, going to tell Cya how he'd done this.

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The woods were quiet as Jeska sat in his hiding spot, waiting. He was responsible for getting food for dinner that night, and to that end he'd been camping out waiting for something to pass by. His hiding place had the bonus of being out of the way of the rest of the pack, giving him a few precious hours to himself. And those few hours would be even more valuable if he kept having so little luck. There'd been a deer, but something had startled it just as he'd taken the shot and he hadn't even wounded the damn thing.

Just as he was thinking it might be best to cut his losses and head back to camp, there was a whisper of a presence behind him - and before his hand could reach the hilt of his knife, let alone he could turn around, there was a press of sharp, cold steel against his throat.

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