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thanks lyn

woo got all my day's words out of this prompt

Tara stared at the man in her doorway. He was tall, slim - skinny, even - with pale freckled skin and a tousled mop of black hair. Late twenties, with a faint shadow of a shaved beard along his jaw. And, judging from the collar around his neck and the note in his hands, written in her sister's handwriting, he was her promised graduation gift.

And he was nothing like what she'd expected.

"I guess you better come in," she said, stepping to the side and trying to keep her disappointment from showing.

Judging from the way his shoulders twitched before he entered, she wasn't doing a very good job of it. "Thank you, Mistress," he murmured, and at least his voice was a pleasant tenor.

When she'd hinted that she might want one of the family's "extras" for herself, she'd been thinking of pretty young Marlin. Auburn hair, smooth tan skin, bright green eyes, barely up to her shoulder and with an insouciant grin that was somehow even more endearing than it was disrespectful. When her sister had hinted that maybe one of them would be procurable, if she did particularly well on her exams, she'd thought it'd been about Marlin. Their lady mother didn't like him that much; their father wasn't interested in the boys; neither of her brothers were particularly taken by him, either.

And then she'd gotten amazing scores on her exam, sent them back home and got... this. A tall skinny dark-haired stranger who she didn't even know the family had owned.

The note. He'd come with a note. Tara reached over and plucked it from his hands, peeling open the envelope and pulling out the paper inside.

Congratulations, little sis!

Here's your present, I picked him just for you. Brand new! Thought you might like something that wasn't second-hand for once.

xox Livi

"Just for me, huh," Tara muttered, crumpling the paper up and throwing it into the wastebin. The last bit stung, because it almost made it sound like Liv had actually meant this to be a nice gesture. But she had to know; Tara'd had a crush on Marin since they'd gotten him. She'd never been good at all that diplomatic bullshit, so she was sure everyone knew.

Well, this poor guy probably didn't. If the note was any indication, he was straight from the shops. Probably on sale or something. Tara eyed him critically; that'd explain the skinny look, if they were trying to cut costs on him.

To his credit, he was standing perfectly quietly while she was probably radiating disappointment and ire at him. None of which was his fault. And, well, she was stuck with him, unless she could work something out with her sister - without being rude and sounding like she was rejecting the gift.

Tara sighed and flung herself on her couch. "Well then, what's your name?"

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You’re welcome!

Thank you~~

New, hrrmm?
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interesting :)
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Aww, it sounds like her sister was genuinely trying to do something nice for her! Maybe she's just totally oblivious...

So, what's his name? :D
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Poor guy, not even in the door and probably already feels like he's in the doghouse. (Have to give another try to writing the similar situation I cane up with (complete with oblivious relative)).

Maybe poor them all around.