11 Nov 2014 18:25
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I wrote a couple Thimblefic flashes today, woo.

Happy Birthday, 194 words
Add Injury to Insult, 310 words
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For Thimbleful Tuesday, coming in at 211 words.

- - - - -

Mix one measure of oil with two measures of water.

Nathan stared at his notes, resisting the urge to bang his head on the table. He was sure of the translation, it was simple enough Latin. Unfortunately, it was proving somewhat less than simple to do.

He'd tried the obvious solution, first. Take the oil, take the water, splash in some alcohol, mix it thoroughly, pour it over the powdered lambskin on the specified arcane circle and bam. The da... stupid thing had burst into flames; he barely managed to save the book. His notes were quickly converted to ash, forcing him to spend the next few hours retranslating the entire segment.

Next, he'd tried just stirring it vigorously with a whisk and pouring it out before the two had separated again. Thankfully it didn't catch on fire that time, but it didn't do anything much at all. He spent the next few hours cleaning up the oily puddle on his worktable.

Now, Nathan was back to staring at his notes and contemplating mixing the notoriously unmixable. He sighed, slumping down in his chair. How am I supposed to do this, he thought, staring out the window at the snow.

…the snow.

Grabbing his measuring cup, he raced out the door.


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