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This is all for [personal profile] aldersprig's setting.

First, established details. It likely has seven layers (because of the Seven Mountains). Each Emperoress would probably have more of the color of the deity they are most associated to. And it is sort of like if you took Chinese Imperial robes and made them more flowy.


I was thinking that the outermost layer probably has all three deity colors (maybe with jewels/embroidery on a color fabric that is reserved for the Emperoress?) and is handed down between reigns. It probably has a special name, and is intrinsically linked to the status of Emperoress in a similar (but maybe not as clearly symbolic) manner to crowns and kings. Or like the Pope's hat. Or something.

Since the gender is socially and politically relevant, one of the layers underneath (I was thinking the next one down) would have some characteristic dictated by whether it's an Emperor or Empress. I was thinking the style of decoration, possibly. Other ideas could be the texture of the fabric or the cut of the edging, but I like the decoration style best. (Like angular versus swirly or something.)

One of the other five layers (not the undermost layer) I think should be connected to the previous Emperoress. Some ideas: primarily using the color of the preceding ruler's deity, using some relevant motif in the decoration.

The undermost layer, I think allows the most personal influence in style.

I don't know about the last three~


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