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Set at Doomsday Academy, in its 10th year. Written for my [community profile] rainbowfic project.

It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon. Most of the students were at club meetings, which meant Sweetwater – or Aguita, as most people called her – had the fourth-year dorm to herself, by virtue of sitting out today's Drama Club meeting. They were picking the next play today and, as the self-designated Stagehand, Aguita didn't have much of an opinion on the matter. Besides, even though three years of living in the Doomsday dorm building had gotten her used to the noise and chaos of constantly being surrounded by people, it didn't make rare opportunities for time alone any less valuable.

This time, Aguita was using it to work on her homework, quietly and happily humming to herself as she considered her notes on the economy of pre-Collapse Mexico. She wasn't very good at history – she had no head for names or dates or places or any of that stuff – but the subject was interesting anyway. Plus she liked the teacher, Professor Lily, a lot. She was one of her top choices for a Mentor, once she'd Changed. Although maybe--

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