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Bored? I have some characters I need physical appearances for at some point, if you want to give some suggestions!

These three share an apartment; all college-age, probably within a year's age of each other, not necessarily all going to college but all of a background where they could be.

Laura - protagonist.
(Surname suggestions would be good, too, actually.)

I also have a possibly-one-off character, probably 40s or 50s, looks fairly professional, works for a small company that takes out demons and stuff, does their own grocery shopping.
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This is pretty much an FYI with the basic info on what I'm doing for NaNo this year and how I'll be going about it re: stats, updates and so forth.

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I kinda want to do Camp NaNo this July but I am in the typical situation of "oh crap but which one do I do?!" that I always find myself.

I'm still working on I.D. but that's... not a NaNo-type project at this point at all, so it's obviously not what I'm going to do. Moving on from that, this gives me three categories of options: Existing Projects, New Projects, and Non-Fiction.

I don't really want to try doing non-fiction this month, so let's ignore that one for now. (Yay, progress?)

Existing Projects
- Continue Aetheric Engines from where I left off. Well, from slightly before where I left off, as the last few pages are being 90% scrapped. This is what I'd call "dark adventure steampunk".
- Give Wonderland another go. I was just re-reading my initial 30k semidraft... thing that I did in '09 (was it '09?) for NaNo and remembered why I liked it so much. It needs to be redone almost from scratch; only about 1% of the existing document is worth keeping. It's a fun fantasy steampunk-ish adventure thing, nothing especially original about the plot itself. (Travel to new world, discover you are an Important Person, defeat evil ruler, you know the drill.)
- Try The Philosopher's Society again. It's got the benefit of having extant characters, but the problem I ran into the first time was stalling due to lack of direction so I'd need an outline and do I really want to do an outline in the next week? I just don't know.
- Addergoole Year 18. Pros: doesn't need much of a plot, as it's all character development. Cons: chaaaaaaraaaaaaacterrrrrrrrrrrrrs. It's also pretty dark and I dunno if I might start burning out on writing slowly escalating emotional abuse constantly for a month, you know?
- The Blackburn Society. The episodic format is both good and bad, I discovered. Good because I don't need to work out long or complicated plot lines; bad because I have to come up with a dozen plot lines instead. On the other hand, it's pure fun. They go around chasing down monsters and mysterious phenomena and there's lots of banter and it's just really fun to read and write. If I manage to think of an episode premise.
- Wardrobeless. This book frustrates me because it's one of the few things so far that I would find so much more entertaining to read than to write. I think it moves more slowly than my stories tend to, which means I tend to get bored. The first arc is also slightly slice-of-life-ish. ...Come to think of it, it's like a less tidy non-romantic Kate & Leopold sort of scenario.
- Solomon Twist. It's supposed to be a story in the vein of Alice in Wonderland or Narnia or E. Nesbit or Edward Eager. Children's fantasy adventure. I wrote the first two and a half typed pages some other NaNo - just up until the story really starts - and then stopped, presumably because I realized I didn't know what I was doing. The first bit was really great, though.

New Projects
- SPACE PIRATE MAVERICK. It is a series about a space pirate phantom thief whose "stage name" is Maverick. She may be ex-police, with that kind of a name. Anyway it is going to be great fun but I have no idea where it's going to go other than PHANTOM THIEVES: IN SPACE.
- Sherlock Holmes fan fiction. You heard me. (It's not shippy. It's totally self-gratifying.)
- A guy gets caught up in a conflict involving a not-exactly-superhero secret agency type thing. Sort of like X-Men meets S.H.I.E.L.D. with less spandex.
- Magical rune girls! There's been like an apocalypse and there are these girls who have rune things on them somewhere and they do magic things and then there's a boy who turns out to do the same thing but different because of reasons that are the plot.
- Magical boys! Magical transformations and everything. You may have seen some of my costume design ideas so far, a couple months ago.

what should I dooooooooooooooooo


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