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Matt kicked the apartment door shut behind him, arms occupied by several bags of groceries. "Maybe someday, someone'll get the damn door when I knock."

"You got back just in time." Ben, his roommate, completely ignored the complaint and pointed at the television from his spot on the couch. "Look at this."

Matt put the bags on the kitchen counter and wandered back into the living room to see what was so exciting. The local news was on, showing aerial footage of what looked like a bunch of houses or a small town, completely covered in leafy green vines. "Kudzu moving north again?"

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Amaranth hissed quietly in frustration, folding her arms over her chest as the bidding continued going up. The slim, chestnut-haired woman looked wistfully at the current auction item: a pretty young man, with clear dark skin and darker hair, much too skinny but otherwise healthy. He would have been a perfect addition; she had so few boys. But, well, she couldn't be too surprised. Someone as pretty and docile as him was sure to be in high demand at this sort of thing, and her House wasn't exactly the wealthiest.

But this was the third time her limit had been outbid. Allowing herself another sigh, she looked past him at the last few people on the line-up. A man and two women. The man was out; he looked like an angry lumberjack, with the beard and muscles. Good for heavy manual labor. One of the women was also out; pretty and blonde with a figure that would be attractively curvy once she wasn't underfed, and trying very hard not to look terrified. Amaranth already had Delorah, who filled a similar niche - and what with the bidding wars today, she likely couldn't afford her.

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“It's a nice place.” Sigruko looked around the living room of the Tree-House, slinging off her weapons. Vidrou wasn't entirely sure – his sister had never been the most expressive – but he thought she was impressed. “Not my style, but nice.”

“Thanks. It took a while to get started. Here, you can put those over here.” He gestured from her weapons to a set of wooden hooks on the wall. “How have you been?”

“Busy,” she said wryly, starting the process of hanging her bandoliers and belts on the wall. “Three decades of monster-hunting and you'd think there'd be fewer monsters, but no. You?”

Vidrou chuckled. “Not as busy, especially with the children away at school.”

“Ah.” Sigruko paused, giving Vidrou an unreadable look before hanging her axe belt on the wall - the one she saved for last.

He watched her quietly for a moment, considering. His sister had never been the maternal type; she'd given one of her children to the father and his wife, and the other... Well, he'd thought Cory had done pretty much all the childcare. But still.

“Desdemona goes next year, doesn't she?”

Sigruko didn't respond for a moment, then sighed and sat down. “Yes. Yes she does.”
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The Valkyrie is in the city.

The rumor spread through the school like wildfire, some with a hint of trepidation, others with excitement. And all of them watched Professor Inazuma teaching his classes as normal, wondering if he heard the whispers. The Valkyrie is coming.

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11 Nov 2014 18:25
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I wrote a couple Thimblefic flashes today, woo.

Happy Birthday, 194 words
Add Injury to Insult, 310 words
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Trying to get back into feeling like writing; idea per the suggestion of [personal profile] aldersprig

“She is your Student.”

“I know.” Leofric frowned – not at Dairine, though the fact that he was speaking with her meant it was in her direction anyway. “What do you want me to do? Another lecture? 'Detention'?”

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For Thimbleful Tuesday, coming in at 211 words.

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Mix one measure of oil with two measures of water.

Nathan stared at his notes, resisting the urge to bang his head on the table. He was sure of the translation, it was simple enough Latin. Unfortunately, it was proving somewhat less than simple to do.

He'd tried the obvious solution, first. Take the oil, take the water, splash in some alcohol, mix it thoroughly, pour it over the powdered lambskin on the specified arcane circle and bam. The da... stupid thing had burst into flames; he barely managed to save the book. His notes were quickly converted to ash, forcing him to spend the next few hours retranslating the entire segment.

Next, he'd tried just stirring it vigorously with a whisk and pouring it out before the two had separated again. Thankfully it didn't catch on fire that time, but it didn't do anything much at all. He spent the next few hours cleaning up the oily puddle on his worktable.

Now, Nathan was back to staring at his notes and contemplating mixing the notoriously unmixable. He sighed, slumping down in his chair. How am I supposed to do this, he thought, staring out the window at the snow.

…the snow.

Grabbing his measuring cup, he raced out the door.
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Set at Doomsday Academy, in its 10th year. Written for my [community profile] rainbowfic project.

It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon. Most of the students were at club meetings, which meant Sweetwater – or Aguita, as most people called her – had the fourth-year dorm to herself, by virtue of sitting out today's Drama Club meeting. They were picking the next play today and, as the self-designated Stagehand, Aguita didn't have much of an opinion on the matter. Besides, even though three years of living in the Doomsday dorm building had gotten her used to the noise and chaos of constantly being surrounded by people, it didn't make rare opportunities for time alone any less valuable.

This time, Aguita was using it to work on her homework, quietly and happily humming to herself as she considered her notes on the economy of pre-Collapse Mexico. She wasn't very good at history – she had no head for names or dates or places or any of that stuff – but the subject was interesting anyway. Plus she liked the teacher, Professor Lily, a lot. She was one of her top choices for a Mentor, once she'd Changed. Although maybe--

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This is set in [personal profile] aldersprig's Doomsday Academy, several years after its founding. Leofric is my character who exists canonically in the setting because I am a lucky bastard.

Also I tried to match Lyn's First Day series and wound up almost twice as long and hating it but them's the breaks.

Leofric was sitting at his desk as the new students trickled into the classroom, pretending not to pay attention as they picked out their seats. Even after they'd all sat down, he continued letting the students chatter quietly to each other as he covertly took in the dynamics. It hadn't been a problem yet, but he liked to watch for anyone being left out.

This year looked good again, he noted, mentally chalking up another point for Ascha's handling of the youngest students. As the first bell chimed, he finally stood and looked out over the students.

“Good morning!” Leofric smiled cheerfully as they all looked up. “I am, as you probably know, Professor Inazuma, your mathematics teacher for the next few years.” He picked up a piece of chalk, tossing it into the air as he spoke. “We'll be covering a lot of different material this year, but first...” He caught the piece of chalk, then turned and drew a circle and a triangle on the board behind him. “Geometry! Do any of you know what geometry is?”

He looked over the students. None of the students seemed about to answer; one, though, a dark-haired boy with darker skin, looked a little nervous. The other six kept sneaking expectant glances at him.

“Geometry,” Leofric continued, “is the mathematics of shapes.” The glances were getting more pointed and one girl nudged the nervous kid with her foot, but Leofric continued pretending not to notice. “And these two,” he tapped the chalk against the board, “are the shapes we'll be working with for the next few weeks.”

“Um...” The nervous boy finally spoke. “Professor Inazuma?”

“Yes?” Leofric paused, smiling encouragingly at the kid.

“We, um, were wondering...” He glanced around at the other students. “Did you really get that scar in a battle with the Nameless?”

Everyone looked up at Leofric, waiting for the answer. The corner of his mouth twitched in barely-repressed amusement. “Well, I have fought them before.” Their eyes widened and the foot-nudging girl leaned forward eagerly. “But that's a story for another time.” He tapped the chalk loudly against the board as the students protested. “Pay attention and maybe we'll have time after class.”
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still working towards 2.5k total whee

Vid chuckled, finally breaking character and handing the nectarine back. “Good job, Tilly. As a reward, you can have that one all to yourself.”

“Yay!” The boy gave him a hug, then took a big bite out of the nectarine. The juice squirted out, getting on his nose and running down his chin.

Laughing, Vid patted him on the head. “It tastes better if you don't rush, you know.”

Tilden gave him a dubious look, clearly not believing a word of it. “Ih sase hine,” he mumbled unintelligably around the mouthful of fruit.

Vid raised his eyebrows at him and waited until he'd swallowed. “Try again?”

“I said, it tastes fine.”

“Only fine, huh?”

“It tastes great! Okay? Amazing! Terrific! Excel-ant!”

“It's excellent.” Vid smiled and shook his head, turning his attention back to picking peaches. “I'm glad you're enjoying the fruits of your labors.”

Tilden frowned. “It's just one fruit, papa.”


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