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Not that Kouveig would ever admit it where his oldest brother could hear, but plants were boring. Yeah, sure, it was useful - for eating, houses, not getting killed, blah blah - but the actual plants? They just sat there. ...Unless you made them do something.

He glanced surreptitiously around the rest of the class; they were all paying attention to the lesson and their assigned plant. Schooling his expression to one of studious concentration, he muttered a Working.

The biggest tree in the greenhouse bent over, waving its branches gently in a slow-motion macarena.
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"But then why did she give him to Professor Inazuma?"

The Unofficial Shipper's Club of Doomsday Academy were gathered on the lawn outside the dorms, trying to make sense of the most recent, completely unanticipated developments in one of the most hotly contested 'ships of the school.

"Maybe she was regifting him or something?"

Principal Doomsday, it was known both throughout the school and most of the city of Cloverleaf, Kept a new boy ("young man") every year. He was usually an Addergoole graduate, which most of the school and very little of the city knew. And all but the most unobservant noticed they always fit one of two types: tall and blonde with horns or antlers, or small and dark-haired.

"He was one of the blonde ones!"

The Unofficial Shipper's Club kept a meticulous tally of which was which. When she came back with a blonde one, the Red Lightning faction cheered; a brunet, the Doomsday Law faction looked smug. When she'd come back with the latest - a blonde with a crown of horns - Red Lightning had gleefully marked down a third in a row for their side, and Doomsday Law had sulked.

"Maybe she's tired of blonde."

"No, no, she's got a new boy now and he's blonde too."

The third consistent feature of Cya Red Doomsday's habits was that she always released the boy at the end of the school year, shortly before going and getting a new one. Never sooner; never later.

"Leo-sensei doesn't even want to Keep anyone again. He said so himself!"

Except this year. This year, she'd handed him over to Professor Inazuma. Leofric Lightning-Blade. One half of the 'ship that this year's Kept was supposed to be supporting.

"I guess he changed his mind...?"

"Forget about why; what does it mean?"

The Unofficial Shipper's Club stared at their charts, both halves completely at a loss.
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Leofric clicked off the television and stretched, the motion gently dislodging a protesting Sayuri from his shoulder. "Sorry, neko-chan," he said, scratching his cat behind her indignant white ears. "I can't spend the whole day watching anime with you, you know?" Summer vacation was nearing an end, but it wasn't over yet. Even if he had finished all of his preparation for upcoming classes and was left with nothing to do except watch anime.

Sayuri purred in response, rubbing her head against his hand before hopping onto the floor and sauntering away.

Ten minutes later, he closed the door behind him and stepped out into the street, heading for Doomsday and the dojo. Read more... )
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Leo looked at his oldest Students, kneeling patiently across from him, and took a moment further to collect his thoughts.

"As you know," he finally began, "the 'games' between us and the other schools are coming up. It's safe to assume this will be your first experience in real combat."

The students just barely avoided glancing at each other at that.

Leo smiled faintly. "Go ahead, you don't have to be formal today."

"I thought this was supposed to be some kind of sports competition?" Edie asked.

"A competition, yes," Leo answered slowly. "But the other schools have a different idea of what 'sports' means. You're safest assuming it's going to be a real battle."

"But in real battles they're trying to kill you," Blair protested, ignoring her neighboring cy'ra's elbow and muttered "hush".

"As I said." Leo looked solemnly at them all. "The other schools aren't going to play nice or fight fair. This is not the time to worry about good sportsmanship."

"But..." She frowned. "But surely killing another student would at least mean their team would lose. They wouldn't--"

Leo cut her off with a curt gesture. "There are lots of ways you can fight with murderous intent without the risk of actually killing anyone. Knowing your opponent is skilled or tough enough to survive, for example. Or being ordered by your Keeper not to kill anyone. They might not kill you, but they can hurt you - and your teammates - very badly. So again. Assume this is going to be a real battle."

This time, they all nodded, looking various degrees of apprehensive.

It was a good start, Leo decided.
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Written as a thematically similar partner to this in appreciation of her most recent Patreon story.

“I know who I want for a Mentor,” Helda announced with the adamant confidence of a thirteen-year-old as she danced into the room.

Read more... )
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Leofric cleared the chalkboard as the class noisily packed up and headed off to lunch. All but one student, he realized as he turned around. "What can I do for you, Athena?" He smiled cheerfully at the dark-haired, grey-eyed girl - who had recently sprouted feathers and was standing in front of his desk, looking determined.

"I want you to be my Mentor," she said without preamble.

He paused, doing a mental double-take. Athena was an intelligent, practical girl, who always had her homework done exactly right on the day it was due. If anyone had asked him who should be her Mentor, he would have said Dairine - or maybe Cynara. Not himself.

Then again, Leofric hadn't thought of himself as first-choice Mentor for anyone, yet. And she was a dedicated and skilled student in the martial arts club.

"Sit down," he said finally, gesturing to one of the front-row desks and sitting down at his own as she did so. "Have you thought this through thoroughly?"

"Of course." She nodded emphatically. "You teach discipline and self-awareness, and responsibility. Plus I would like to learn warfare. Strategy and such," she added as an afterthought.

Leofric considered, stifling a sudden thrill of nerves. Despite having been an adult - and an Adult - for decades, having been given his Name almost half a century ago, he still didn't really feel adult. But he couldn't put it off forever.

"That seems reasonable. Okay then." He nodded with a smile. "Yes, Athena, I accept you as my Student."
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Trying to get back into feeling like writing; idea per the suggestion of [personal profile] aldersprig

“She is your Student.”

“I know.” Leofric frowned – not at Dairine, though the fact that he was speaking with her meant it was in her direction anyway. “What do you want me to do? Another lecture? 'Detention'?”

-> Continue off-site
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Set at Doomsday Academy, in its 10th year. Written for my [community profile] rainbowfic project.

It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon. Most of the students were at club meetings, which meant Sweetwater – or Aguita, as most people called her – had the fourth-year dorm to herself, by virtue of sitting out today's Drama Club meeting. They were picking the next play today and, as the self-designated Stagehand, Aguita didn't have much of an opinion on the matter. Besides, even though three years of living in the Doomsday dorm building had gotten her used to the noise and chaos of constantly being surrounded by people, it didn't make rare opportunities for time alone any less valuable.

This time, Aguita was using it to work on her homework, quietly and happily humming to herself as she considered her notes on the economy of pre-Collapse Mexico. She wasn't very good at history – she had no head for names or dates or places or any of that stuff – but the subject was interesting anyway. Plus she liked the teacher, Professor Lily, a lot. She was one of her top choices for a Mentor, once she'd Changed. Although maybe--

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This is set in [personal profile] aldersprig's Doomsday Academy, several years after its founding. Leofric is my character who exists canonically in the setting because I am a lucky bastard.

Also I tried to match Lyn's First Day series and wound up almost twice as long and hating it but them's the breaks.

Leofric was sitting at his desk as the new students trickled into the classroom, pretending not to pay attention as they picked out their seats. Even after they'd all sat down, he continued letting the students chatter quietly to each other as he covertly took in the dynamics. It hadn't been a problem yet, but he liked to watch for anyone being left out.

This year looked good again, he noted, mentally chalking up another point for Ascha's handling of the youngest students. As the first bell chimed, he finally stood and looked out over the students.

“Good morning!” Leofric smiled cheerfully as they all looked up. “I am, as you probably know, Professor Inazuma, your mathematics teacher for the next few years.” He picked up a piece of chalk, tossing it into the air as he spoke. “We'll be covering a lot of different material this year, but first...” He caught the piece of chalk, then turned and drew a circle and a triangle on the board behind him. “Geometry! Do any of you know what geometry is?”

He looked over the students. None of the students seemed about to answer; one, though, a dark-haired boy with darker skin, looked a little nervous. The other six kept sneaking expectant glances at him.

“Geometry,” Leofric continued, “is the mathematics of shapes.” The glances were getting more pointed and one girl nudged the nervous kid with her foot, but Leofric continued pretending not to notice. “And these two,” he tapped the chalk against the board, “are the shapes we'll be working with for the next few weeks.”

“Um...” The nervous boy finally spoke. “Professor Inazuma?”

“Yes?” Leofric paused, smiling encouragingly at the kid.

“We, um, were wondering...” He glanced around at the other students. “Did you really get that scar in a battle with the Nameless?”

Everyone looked up at Leofric, waiting for the answer. The corner of his mouth twitched in barely-repressed amusement. “Well, I have fought them before.” Their eyes widened and the foot-nudging girl leaned forward eagerly. “But that's a story for another time.” He tapped the chalk loudly against the board as the students protested. “Pay attention and maybe we'll have time after class.”


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