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It's probably a good idea for me to draw someone other than Leofric every now and then, so, here's my idea. If you want me to sketch a character of yours, post a comment with the information requested below.

Important Notes
I'm talking sketches, like these, not finished pictures or even clean line art. Also, while I will attempt your character(s), I can't guarantee I will succeed to a point I feel comfortable sharing.

If I do, however, I will give you a link to it.

Required Information

  • A physical description of the character in as much detail as you can manage: species, hair color/style/texture, eye color/type/shape, face shape, nose, mouth, height, body type, other notable features. Clothing style, if relevant. Image references are welcome but not needed.

  • Description of the character's personality. Confident, irritable, sassy, shy, aggressive, intellectual, nervous, likes to read, athletic, has a passion for ice cream, etc.

  • Anything else you think is relevant.


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