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DAY SEVEN - Pluralize ALL the things!

First off, scratch my previous plural endings, they no longer exist. Instead, I'm going to do a couple of different plural infixes! This is entirely due to Becka and Lyn reminding me that you can do the thing.

So, there's the form of plurality which I was thinking of, indicating quantity. Lyn did an interesting thing with hers and combined it Part of a group, the entirety of a group. Which is an interesting concept, bringing up multiples versus collectives. I think I will have 'collective' a.k.a. 'group of' be a prefix, then have two... no, three different plural infixes.

The plurals go between the noun and the case (and before the direction infix), so [word][number]{direction}[case]. The three different magnitudes of plurality will loosely align with "a couple", "some", and "a lot". The first one just means two, maybe two-or-three, can sometimes be used as meaning a generally small number; the second is used mostly as a general plural; the last is used for very large quantities.

Now I have to make them up haha...hah...

a couple: -bi-
some: -oro-
many: -pey-

collective: lyri-
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DAY SIX - Name the language

I didn't really have time to do any real work on my conlang today so I figured I could do one small task to at least do something.


Apfyma. The terms for the dialects are thus Shussyma, Pfoyma, Tikkyma, Khityma, and... shit. I forgot the fifth group.

So that makes the word for "people" affary. (I've been saying 'ari but I realized I'm using y not i when I say it so it's actually 'ary according to my transliteration which is going to read terribly to English readers, damn.)


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