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bit of a scene involving some NPCs from an RP

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Right after getting home from moving Eriko into her new home in Boom Town

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Takes place after... a bunch of stuff involving Cynara locking Eriko in a hawthorn cell that [personal profile] aldersprig wrote, and then Leo talking to Eriko and letting her out.

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“It's a nice place.” Sigruko looked around the living room of the Tree-House, slinging off her weapons. Vidrou wasn't entirely sure – his sister had never been the most expressive – but he thought she was impressed. “Not my style, but nice.”

“Thanks. It took a while to get started. Here, you can put those over here.” He gestured from her weapons to a set of wooden hooks on the wall. “How have you been?”

“Busy,” she said wryly, starting the process of hanging her bandoliers and belts on the wall. “Three decades of monster-hunting and you'd think there'd be fewer monsters, but no. You?”

Vidrou chuckled. “Not as busy, especially with the children away at school.”

“Ah.” Sigruko paused, giving Vidrou an unreadable look before hanging her axe belt on the wall - the one she saved for last.

He watched her quietly for a moment, considering. His sister had never been the maternal type; she'd given one of her children to the father and his wife, and the other... Well, he'd thought Cory had done pretty much all the childcare. But still.

“Desdemona goes next year, doesn't she?”

Sigruko didn't respond for a moment, then sighed and sat down. “Yes. Yes she does.”
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I posted a long overdue story for [personal profile] aldersprig, of the post-apoc Addergoole graduate Vidrou's family life.
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still working towards 2.5k total whee

Vid chuckled, finally breaking character and handing the nectarine back. “Good job, Tilly. As a reward, you can have that one all to yourself.”

“Yay!” The boy gave him a hug, then took a big bite out of the nectarine. The juice squirted out, getting on his nose and running down his chin.

Laughing, Vid patted him on the head. “It tastes better if you don't rush, you know.”

Tilden gave him a dubious look, clearly not believing a word of it. “Ih sase hine,” he mumbled unintelligably around the mouthful of fruit.

Vid raised his eyebrows at him and waited until he'd swallowed. “Try again?”

“I said, it tastes fine.”

“Only fine, huh?”

“It tastes great! Okay? Amazing! Terrific! Excel-ant!”

“It's excellent.” Vid smiled and shook his head, turning his attention back to picking peaches. “I'm glad you're enjoying the fruits of your labors.”

Tilden frowned. “It's just one fruit, papa.”
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Since my first written speculation, I have accumulated a significant additional quantity of data on halfbreeds genetics and their purebred ancestry. Based on that information, I have to make some additions and amendments to my previous hypotheses - most significantly, for Grigori.

Partial Grigori genes seem to manifest primarily through three characteristics: exaggerated physical proportions, unusual coloration or patterns of the skin, and shifts in mental perception or character. All pureblood Ellehemaei have some degree of personality shift, but those are less significant than what I mean here. Most positively, Grigori genetics can (and frequently seem to) impart enhanced mental abilities. However, it can also have such severe effects as psychosis, split or entirely rewritten personalities.

On my previous note of more aquatic, fish-like characteristics, I would like to revise that particular hypothesis. I do still believe that the Grigori genetics lend themselves more towards water or aquatic elements than the other two bloodlines. However, I now believe it to be, more specifically, the effect of Grigori genes on Daeva genes.

This parallels my prior tentative hypothesis of more plant-like Changes being a combination of Grigori and Mara genes, but you may notice the difference in phrasing. That is intentional and related to my revised conclusion: Grigori physical characteristics are all inherently humanoid, but they can strongly affect the expression of genes from the other two bloodlines.

This is especially interesting when taken with the fact of the pureblood personality shifts. If one takes the premise that Grigori genes primarily function to strongly influence the expression of the other bloodlines' genes, a primarily Mara halfbreed could feasibly evidence a more extreme but still Mara-like personality effect. (I suspect this is evidenced in one particular case, where a clearly Mara-dominant halfbreed can, after Changing, no longer experience fear. This is a very Mara-like characteristic, but not a very Mara-like Change.)

Stronger Grigori influence would obviously have more of an effect of their own right than simply altering or enhancing elements of the other bloodlines, such as the aforementioned proportions and coloration.

Additionally, while I continue to hold to my "elemental" associations from previously, I also now speculate that being what one would view as "an elemental" - having a Change which makes you largely "into" that element, with some significant degree of control over it - is a sign of strongly Grigori genes.

And lastly, I would like to rescind my prior hypothesis of Mara genetics expressing a tail. I believe that is a solely Daeva characteristic, and that the presence of a tail on Changing is a good indicator of some Daeva ancestry (although not necessarily of a strong influence).
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UPDATE: Please see my more recent further thoughts after reading, as it contains more information and some corrections.

A pureblood Daeva has ram-like horns, a long sinuous tail, and shapeshifting and emotion/soul-eating/manipulating abilities.

One way partial Daeva genes seem to express is through horns - or, really, "horns". Horns, antlers, horn-like protrusions, etc. I firmly stand by all such halfbreeds having at least some Daeva background.

Another aspect which appears to be partial Daevas is small - emphasis on small - wings. Not flight-worthy. Speculation on why ties into the next point.

I also suspect partial Daevas tend to give a reptilian (or sometimes, relatedly, avian) bias. Lizards and snakes, mostly. This, as well as the sort of latent wing gene, I believe to be related to the co-identification of Daeva and Dragons. Dragons, as we know, are commonly viewed as reptilian, usually with wings. Additionally, it also relates to the shapeshifting/bigender nature of pureblood Daeva. A number of lizards have unusual sex and reproductive characteristics, including parthenogenesis and switching biological sex during adulthood.

Tails, as well, I suspect to be linked to Daeva bloodlines.

In terms of "elemental" changes, Daeva genetics I think express in the more intangible ones: light, darkness, emotionally-related, et al.

A pureblood Mara has, to my knowledge, demonic or angel wings, with preternatural strength and fortitude.

Partial Mara genes seem to express largely in a mammalian way, with a few avian-related exceptions which I believe to be wing-focused. i.e. a decidedly avian halfbreed is, I suspect, more likely to have gotten the genetics for its avian characteristics from a Daeva bloodline than a Mara one, but the presence of significant and/or flight-worthy wings would be a strong indicator of Mara background as well.

I have a feeling that partial Mara genes also can manifest as a tail, although less strongly than Daeva genes. A primarily Daeva/Mara cross should, if I am correct, almost always have a tail.

For more magical/elemental types of Changes, I think Mara genes tend towards those like earth and fire.

A pureblood Grigori is essentially "super-human" - human, but more intelligent, more beautiful, generally superior.

I have a tentative hypothesis that fish-based Changes draw strongly from Grigori partial expression, but lack much data on the matter aside from Regine's general genepool. I also suspect that plant-related characteristics stem (ha!) primarily from Grigori genetics; maybe when combined with particularly earthy Mara genes?

However, I think Grigori genes are more frequently skill-based. You're more likely to have Grigori bloodlines express as higher intelligence, magical aptitude, et al. than as physical characteristics. A strongly Grigori halfbreed, in fact, I suspect would have physical characteristics sort of "toned down".

Elementally, I feel they probably express more along water, air, maybe electricity although that one is a toss-up between Grigori and Mara in my mind. Electricity may, in fact, be an inherently halfbreed characteristic?

Please see my more recent further thoughts after reading, as it contains more information and some corrections.
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I happen to be rather fond of [personal profile] aldersprig's web serial, Addergoole. It's a sort of... well, it's a dark fantasy set in a semi-dystopian mini-society in the context of a specialized boarding school for teenagers who don't know they're not human.

Anyway! A lot of bad things happen there, partly because Year 1 was full of shitheads, partly because of the way the school is designed. The latter leads to a lot of anti-administration feelings on both the parts of the students and the fans of the story.

Now the thing is, I think the entire project is fascinating. In fact, I wrote up a whole post/thread thing on it on the Addergoole forums (you need to have an account to view that thread, though) and my take on and understanding of Regine's ultimate plans and design goals when putting together Addergoole. At the bottom of my first post, I said: " Looking at it with those goals in mind, Addergoole is actually pretty well-designed."

Now, the key to this post there is pretty well-designed. Not well-designed. I personally think it could have been better if done somewhat differently. Possibly because I am less naive than Regine. Possibly just because I am a different person! But. Anyway.

That's the intro. Now I shall move on to the fun part: if I were designing Addergoole, the school, what would I have done? To that end, I've divided up the post into four sections: one for each of what I judge to be the three main goals of the institution (which I think are, for the most part, laudable goals), and one for general rules/structure.

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