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Find Chapter 1 here
Chapter 2 is here
Chapter 3 is here
Chapter 4 is here
Chapter 5 is here
Chapter 6 is here
Chapter 7 is here.
Chapter 8: here
Chapter 9: here

Chapter 10: here

Chapter 11 (R-Rated) here
Chapter 12: here
Chapter 13: here
Chapter 14: here
Chapter 15: here
Chapter 16: here
Chapter 17: here
Chapter 18: here
Chapter 19: here
Chapter 20: here
Chapter 21: here

You can skip Chapter 11 without losing the plot.
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Chapter 13: Leofric
by Inspector Caracal

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SUPER Last min

24 Apr 2017 12:08
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Hey guys! Its Trading Time with Jun, Again! Everyone's favorite activity!!
No?.... Uh... well... We should all still grin and just trade with Jun anyways~
Also, If you see something you reaaaaally want, tell me! I STILL NEED TO GIFT PEOPLE FOR POG!
I am also looking for APPLE cards

Ill do any sorts of trades ^p^ Crayon, Cards, Hugs.
I will do any trade size, no matter how big or how small!

(yes, even ones that exceed 100 cards)
Also If we haven't lets do a Sig Trade sometime!


Short post is Short....

As always, The Banner leads to my DreamWidth post, My Sig leads to my Colors Trade Post!

Prompt for 2017-04-24

24 Apr 2017 11:10
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Today's prompt is "in remembrance".

Art Lessons with Amu 244

24 Apr 2017 06:07
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Last round's cards 1. attorney12 2. trainer10 3. sun06 4. blackmagic11 Bonus. dawn08!

Amu wants to become more artistic and has decided to paint some Colors Cards. Unfortunately, it looks like she spilled the paint on all of the cards! Will you help figure out what the cards were for her?

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This round closes on Sunday, April 30th!

Coloring Book 145

23 Apr 2017 23:20
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Art by Moon!

What are we coloring this time? )

The new week will start on Sunday, April 30, 2017, and this round will close on Sunday, May 7, 2017.
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First: Slaves, School
Previous: Cataleb

“No, but really.” Talia followed Des into the lunchroom while Doria flanked him on the other side. “That’s a good question, Des. Where do the collars get their energy from? Is it from us? Oh…” Talia winced and her eyes went a little crossed for a moment. “My collar’s talking to me again…”

::We can take energy from the person who is wearing us, but it is considered a bit uncouth and, also, it causes problems for both us and the person in the long run,:: Desmond’s collar informed him. ::Talia’s collar may be going on about the uncouthness. Some care more about that than others. In the Old Times, when collars were only a punishment…:

“Oooh.” Des swallowed. “But - oh, there’s so many questions.”

::Save most of them for later, when the one who would abuse their collar isn’t around.::

“But where do you get food from?”

::You’ll see. I assure you, I will not let you starve me. Nor will that one’s collar let them do the same. We’re programmed with some control::
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PollRPG: Ants!

23 Apr 2017 19:47
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Smoke straightened from her examination of the wards along the wall. "Would you show me where the ants have been seen?"

"All right," Licorice said. "But if you want to go to where the fleas are, I'm changing into boots first. Ugh."

"The flea problem is bad enough that they're biting humans?"

"Yes. The House of Chambers isn't too bad, but the House of Diplomacy has the worst flea problem. No one even goes into the fourth-floor conference rooms any more. You'd think the fleas would starve, but no luck so far."

"It takes a long time to starve fleas out," Smoke said. "Their eggs won't hatch if there's nothing around to eat, so they'll just lie in wait for months until something comes along and causes enough vibrations to make them hatch. Assuming they're not living off of someone's pets. Or," they added, thoughtfully, "the rats. Hmm."

"Yay," Licorice said without enthusiasm. She led Smoke back upstairs. It was late enough now that the halls were empty. Night had fallen outside, but the halls of the House of Chambers were well-lit by glow-globes in sconces along the walls. They went into a kitchen on the first floor. It had a relatively small footprint for such a large building, clearly intended more for snacks and drinks than to prepare meals. A few staff were on hand, cleaning up or preparing dough to be preserved for baking the next day. The room smelled of cinnamon and warm apples, strongly enough to remind Smoke that they hadn't eaten since lunch and it was after supper time. Licorice waved to an aproned man sweeping up. "Hey, Teak!"

Teak, a trim kith man with a slight build, strong arms, and ginger stripes, looked up with a wary look. "We don't have any leftover cookies tonight, Licorice, you're too late."

"Aww." Licorice pouted briefly, in that adorable big-eyed, out-thrust-lip way that only humans could pout. "It's fine, Teak, I'm not here for cookies. This's the new enchanter, she wants to see about the ant problem. Are you still seeing them?"

"Not so much. We cleaned out all the cabinets and threw out some canisters that weren't sealing properly, and they seem to have lost interest.." Teak leaned the broom against a counter and beckoned them to the rear wall, where he opened the lower cabinet doors. "These cabinets here were the worst affected, don't know if there's anything to see now."

Smoke crouched down and peered into them. Their freshly-scrubbed condition was evident from the spotless surfaces. Even the canisters for different kinds of flour and sugar had been cleaned. There were no ants or ant trails. But at the back of the cabinets were a few little heaps of dust, near cracks that made the fur on Smoke's neck prickle. They scraped at one heap with a claw tip. It was powdered wood. "Teak, what size were these ants?"

"I dunno. Ant-sized?"

Smoke closed their eyes. "I mean, were they very small -- " she held her fingers perhaps an eighth of an inch apart " -- or bigger, like rice-grain-sized? Did they smell bad when you squished one?"

"Oh, they weren't that tiny. More rice-size, I guess. I don't remember them smelling after they were crushed."

Smoke rubbed at their face and stood. "Those are carpenter ants. They're not here to eat your food."

Teak brightened. "Really? That's good."

"That depends on your idea of 'good'. What they're eating is the building."

Teak and Licorice exchanged looks, while the other staff glanced at Smoke in alarm. "That sounds not so good," Licorice said. "What were they doing in the kitchen, then?"

"Not sure. Might've been drawn here for moisture. You haven't seen them in other rooms?"

"Some of the other kitchens and the dining halls," Teak said. "That's it as far as I know.

Smoke flicked their ears back; carpenter ants did need water as well as wood, but it was still a little strange that their signs would only be in eating areas. "All the same size?"

"Uh. I didn't pay that much attention. I thought ants were just, you know. Ants," Teak said, sheepishly.

"When did people first start seeing them?"

"I dunno. Couple weeks ago?" Teak turned to others in the kitchen, who nodded concurrence with this estimate.

It's hard to tell how bad this is, although Smoke's gatherer should give some information about that in the morning. It's not likely to get significantly worse in the next few days, however.

Poll #18263 Eating
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 11

Pest control preference:

View Answers

But let's not waste time. Try to find an enchanter supply store that's open now, so you can work on stopping the carpenter ants ASAP
0 (0.0%)

Investigate the ant problem further: look at the other rooms where they've been seen
2 (18.2%)

It's a big building. The ants aren't going to eat it tonight. It's late: invite Licorice to dinner by way of thanks for her help.
0 (0.0%)

Invite Licorice to dinner, and find Blackwood to invite him too
7 (63.6%)

Say good night to Licorice and see if Blackwood has eaten yet.
2 (18.2%)

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After M/m Keeper/Kept and Keeper’s Interview and Needs a Title and Bad Titling is Catching and More M/m, when I’d given up on titles and The Driver Weighs Inand Sal’s Questions and Claws and Monsters and Weapons and Impressions and Masks and Tim Kaprinsky's House, Timaios' Bedroom.

Ctirad cleared his throat. “Sir.” he dropped to his knees on the soft, plush carpet.

“Ctirad.” There was the gentlest of chiding tones in Timaios’ voice. Ctirad fought the urge to duck his head and apologize. “When we are alone in my bedroom, at the very least, I expect you to call me by my name.”

“S- Timaios?”
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Who wants gifts? :D

23 Apr 2017 18:03
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HEY so I've been doing a ton of trading but I'm uninspired on gifts to give out and I still have a few I need for Pot of Gold. And I was greedy with my slots this time, soooo, time to share the wealth.

Everyone can claim TWO cards from my trade pile, and I'm also up for regular and random trades of any size. If you don't think you have anything I'd want outside of what's already listed, rule of thumb is:

Kim loves...STUDIO KEY!
Kim loves...MAHOU SHOUJO!
Kim loves...YURI!
Kim loves...REVOLUTION(ary Girl Utena).

(I may or may not have made this post just because I wanted to reference that meme.)

Hi-5 Radio 135

23 Apr 2017 23:14
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Last round's winner is Answer!

Hello, dear listeners! 5pb-chan is in charge of the music toplist corner once again and it's entirely up to you and your votes which song will make it this week!

Hi-5 Radio is a weekly music game where you are given a pair of songs and vote for one of them. After the round closes, the votes are tallied and everyone who picked the winning song gets ten random cards. Players who voted for the other song are rewarded with four random cards.

In this round BGMs that are pretty but you end up hearing them so much you grow tired of them...

Hills of Radiant Winds

Shining Castle of Dying Wishes

Choose one of the songs!

This round is open till Sunday, April 30th
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『Don't worry, dear players of Colors! I'll make your unwanted cards「become nothing」!』

『I'll even explain the rules.』  )

『And that's it. Have fun! :)』

Round 157's usable letters


Letters remaining: 8』
This week's payout: 8 cards』

Round 157's card:


『This round will end on Sunday, April 30.』

Seiyuu Guess 287

23 Apr 2017 12:54
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Last week's answer was Rikka Takanashi from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, voiced by Maaya Uchida!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Seiyuu Guess! Our host for this game is Shizuka, a rookie seiyuu who's still learning the tricks of the trade! She's been provided with a description, image, and clip of a certain character, and it's up to you to help her figure out who voices them.

Who do we have this week? )

Tell Shizuka both characters' names, both of their seiyuu, and what series they're from for twelve random cards and a random crayon!

This round ends Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Prompt for 2017-04-23

23 Apr 2017 12:14
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Today's prompt is "the one who wasn't there".

Deck Lover 39

23 Apr 2017 17:02
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Last round's answer is Treats!

Colette is known for her love of dogs. She especially loves to come up with names for them! However, after naming all the dogs across Sylvarant and Tethe'alla there wasn't much left for her to do so she's going to come up with deck names now. Help her name all the decks across Colors TCG?

With every round, there will be a picture of a character who has a deck on Colors. Tell Colette what their deckname is to be rewarded with 6 random special cards!

And who will it be this time? )
This round is open till Sunday, April 30th

No Context Theater 24

23 Apr 2017 16:46
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Some of you might know Kamukura as the guy who was really into boats back in the day. Rumor has it he likes memes now. He's been trying to get into anime lately but sometimes he stumbles upon something that's hard to comprehend even with his numerous talents.

Today in No Context Theater... )

Come up with a possible explanation for the situation in the screencap! It can be anything and as silly or serious as you wish. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with the series, the purpose of the game is not to guess what actually happened there! Same if you are familiar with the context - pretend that you aren't and make up something on your own!

Source of screencaps will more often than not be Anime Screenshots Without Context

For answering, you'll get 5 new release cards. Every answer is correct and feel free to comment on other people's answers! This round is open till Sunday, April 30th!

Cloudy Gray

23 Apr 2017 02:03
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Name: Jack
Story: Empty Sky
Colors: Cloudy Gray
Supplies and Styles: Saturation, Graffiti
Word Count: ~450
Notes: another set of poems, these are for the City

lost in an unfamiliar alley/and drawn like a moth to the neon )

Deck Donations, Anyone?

22 Apr 2017 19:57
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(Still catching up on trades and stuff from my last post - should have those all handled by weekend's end but wanted to post this before I forgot.) It's time for one of Net's "I have stuff people can donate" posts! Comment with how many donations you'd like (and specific fandoms/decks if it matters) and I'll give you an easy copy/paste code!

I'll try to get into the habit of posting an updated donations list around a week before the cutoff each month to help with those "oh crap, I didn't donate anything yet!" moments. 

This month I've got... )

tic_tac_woe bingo card

22 Apr 2017 19:42
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Oh, [personal profile] aldersprig... ::whistles innocently::

Time loop/Time paradox Mega-tsunamis/tidal waves Angels/demons
Wishes go awry/spells rebound WILD CARD Armies of the dead
Space war Evolution/absorbed into new species Wizards’ war/War between Gods

ETA: Do you think it would be cheating to combine one of these with the "apocalypse" square on my [community profile] origfic_bingo card?
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I’ll fill this in as time allows from the below list, but this is my [community profile] allbingo card for the “Finish It” challenge… number FOUR.
Arisse and Chress (II) Kidnappers in "Dragons Next Door." (V) Skill and Dreams. (V) Robbie meets Radar (V) Discovery. (Reiassan)(V) Rin's parents, and Rin's father... (III)
Unicorn/Factory - Cleaning House/Observing (V) Tilden: (VI) Clarisse: (IV) The Cat's Paw. (I) In the Attic. (III) Abrelle: (II)
34 (IV) 17 (V) 7 (I) 28 (IV) 22 (IV) 14 (II)
27 (III) 31 (I) 3 (III) 10 (IV) 33 (III) 36 (VI)
Fated (II) 9 (III) 18 (VI) 16 (IV) 24 (VI) 19 (I)
30 (VI) 12 (VI) 2 (II) 1 (I) 25 (I) 20 (II)

At any point, I may sub out one of these for another suggested one or something else I need to finish.

The numbers (those that remain) correspond to the list below. This was arranged from the [community profile] allbingo public card, your suggestions, and’s list randomizer.

The Roman numerals are another way of getting a bingo - do, say, all of the (I) instead of a line or a square or such.

see links here -

1 Family and Cocoa and/or Warm Visions and Warm Family .
2 Bjorn:
3 Rodegard - and Esedora.
4 Willard:
4 Clarisse:
5 Unicorn/Factory - Cleaning House/Observing
6 Tilden:
7 Daxton and Esha
8 Arisse and Chress
9 Where Do Unicorns Come From?.
10 The Silver Road.
11 Kidnappers in "Dragons Next Door." (2 votes!)
12 Jin and the hostage situation:
13 The Cat's Paw.
14 Three Glass Beads, Peacock Blue.
15 In the Attic.
16 You'd Better Watch Out.
17 Road Map To....
18 More Unicorn/Factory:
19 Trash and Treasures.
20 How The Family Does things
21 Rin's parents, and Rin's father, and ...
22 The Powers that Be.
23 One more From Aunt Family that's more a vague suggestion than anything actually unfinished: Robbie meets Radar, discussed in comments.
24 Charming.
25 CUmhai :
26 Abrelle:
27 We met Bianna, but we haven't seen her since Jin talked to his friends about bringing her up with Jimmy.
28 Legacy Cat.
29 Discovery.
30 The Enemy's City.
31 Over the Wall
32 Fated.-
33 Carrying the Spirit.
34 Heroes (and earlier branches).
35 Space accountant
36 Take Me


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