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A Rescue

The woods were quiet as Jeska sat in his hiding spot, waiting. He was responsible for getting food for dinner that night, and to that end he'd been camping out waiting for something to pass by. His hiding place had the bonus of being out of the way of the rest of the pack, giving him a few precious hours to himself. And those few hours would be even more valuable if he kept having so little luck. There'd been a deer, but something had startled it just as he'd taken the shot and he hadn't even wounded the damn thing.

Just as he was thinking it might be best to cut his losses and head back to camp, there was a whisper of a presence behind him - and before his hand could reach the hilt of his knife, let alone he could turn around, there was a press of sharp, cold steel against his throat.

"Don't move," a voice murmured low in his ear. "I'm not here to hurt you."

The knife says otherwise, Jeska thought, but he didn't move, except to whisper back. "What do you want?"

The voice - a man - laughed quietly; it was a warm, pleasant sound, which caught Jeska by surprise. "I want to make a deal with you, little Shenera Osera."

"Ashanevai." The word was out of his mouth before he had a chance to regret it, and he stiffened. Why hasn't he killed me?

"No need to be rude," the man chided him, but despite Jeska's anticipation, the knife didn't press harder against his throat. "If you don't want to deal, I'll leave you, but at least hear me out."

"...what's the deal, then?"

"You'll agree to Belong to me for a year, and I'll take you away from these people forever."

Jeska stiffened again. Agree to be a slave... for only one year? It had to be a trick. "And then what?"

"And then I'll help you find a place of your own, wherever you want." And in the most confusing turn of events yet, the knife moved away from his throat, disappearing back behind him with a rustle of fabric. "So. Do we have a deal?"

The Ash-- Shenera Endra, Jeska corrected himself. The other man had addressed him properly, even with him being a halfbreed. The Shenera Endra could have killed him before Jeska even noticed he was there, but he didn't. He'd held a knife to Jeska's throat - but even Jeska had to admit that if he hadn't, he would've just tried attacking first. Forget about holding still long enough to listen to his crazy offer. And now... now he'd put the knife away.

Warily, slowly, he turned around.

Behind him was crouching a man - a halfbreed, like himself, with pointed ears, half-grown antlers poking through bright blonde hair, and vivid blue eyes. There was a sword sheathed at his hip, but the knife that'd been against Jeska's throat was nowhere to be seen.

The man slowly spread his hands over his knees, aiming to be as non-threatening as he could, and from the small, amused smile on his face, he knew they both knew what he was doing.

"They won't just let me go," Jeska pointed out. If this man didn't even realize that--

"They won't know."


"Ah, that would be telling." The blonde halfbreed grinned, and there was something dangerous in it. Somehow, that reassured him more than the casual pleasantry. "Deal or not?"

A year of slavery to another halfbreed was barely any price to pay for freedom and a life of his own, if the offer was to be trusted. "Will you swear it?"

"I swear that if you agree to Belong to me for one year, I will free you from your current... group, in such a way they won't try to take revenge, and I swear that I will make a good faith effort to help you find a new life after the year is up."

"Then it's a deal." Swallowing nerves, he took a deep breath. "For the next year, I Belong to you."

"You Belong to me," the man agreed, and if he didn't know better, Jeska would've sworn for a moment he looked even more nervous than Jeska felt, "from this moment until a year from now. Now, here's what you need to do..."

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