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"James, Mistress." His tone of voice was perfect, but there was something... strange about his accent.

"James, huh." She turned and leaned on the back of the couch, studying him. "Did my sister think to pack up your papers when she sent you over?"

There was a noticeable pause; Tara thought he must be trying to decide how to answer without offending her, before shaking his head. "I was not given anything to bring to you besides the note, Mistress, but I cannot say what the lady was thinking."

"The lady, huh." This one had very nice words, although that accent... Tara sat bolt upright as she remembered where she'd heard that accent before. "You're foreign, aren't you?"

James stiffened, and for a moment she wondered if he would refuse to answer, or even deliver some kind of retort. "No, Mistress, I grew up just outside the city."

"But your parents must've been, then. You have a foreign accent."

"I am sorry if my accent is undesirable to my Mistress and will do my utmost to correct it." It sounded like he'd said the sentence so many times it was more of a reflex than a response - and every word was clipped short, like he had once been angry about it but knew better now.

"Well now that's just stupid." Tara fell back onto the cushions with a sigh, staring at the ceiling. "A smart shop would've used it as an exotic selling point and charged extra, not tried to train it out of you. My cousin Kaveen, he has a girl who talks like that and he shows her off whenever he can. That's how I knew," she added with a lethargic wave in his general direction, "it's not just some backwater regional thing. I guess it'd be smarter to sell you myself than try to return you, then."

"...sell me, Mistress?"

"I haven't decided yet. I was hoping my parents would give me Marlin," she sighed, "but my sister decided to be clever. Hand me the remote, would you?"

James came around the couch and picked up the remote - it was just barely out of her reach, but she was feeling lazy and if she had him, she might as well make use of him - before placing it in her outstretched hand. "I am sorry I don't meet your expectations, Mistress."

"Tara," she corrected, turning on the TV and flipping through channels.

"Mistress Tara."

She giggled. "I meant just Tara but I kind of like it. Thanks."

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