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inventrix ([personal profile] inventrix) wrote2017-03-09 05:05 pm


The strap tightened around his neck, suffocating, strangling him, and he couldn't move, couldn't take it off.

"I thought you liked me." Eriko stood in front of him, frowning, tears in her eyes. "Don't you? Why do you keep hurting me?" She leaned forward, her hair falling over her shoulders in a shimmering wave, her eyes boring into him, fixing him in place. "Don't you like me? You're mine." Her tongue flicked out, the long, forked tip brushing against his collar bone. "Don't you like being mine?"

Leo tried to struggle, tried to brace himself for what he knew was coming, tried to do anything but lie frozen, he couldn't breathe he couldn't do anything--

A sharp pain burned across his chest like a knife, startling him. It wasn't Eriko.

"You want to be mine," purred a voice and suddenly he was staring into a different pair of eyes; vivid green, framed by red. Cya. "Don't you, darling."

The feel of teeth on his throat and he shivered and gasped for air, the collar snug against his skin like a golden caress. Yes, he tried to answer, but the word stuck in his throat.

Cya grinned at him, sharp-toothed, her lips smeared red with blood - his blood - and the knife burned into him again, and again, leaving him breathless and shivering as she carved bold letters across his chest. MINE.

Yes, yours.

She traced a heart around the word, painting it in his blood, then lifted her red-stained finger to her mouth, licking it. "You're delicious," she whispered.


Leo jolted awake as his alarm clock clanged at him, blinking disoriented at the sunlight.

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