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part 1
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It was a nice apartment; a really nice apartment. The room she was in - living room? - was the size of her entire house, back outside the city. The furnishings also looked new and expensive, once her vision adjusted enough to tell, but she didn't have much of a chance to gather any other details before Gale was untying her arms and urging her to her feet.

"Looks like they tried to pretty you up some more before they sent you over." He gently flicked back a lock of her hair, looking her over critically. "I'll have to order some clothing for you, but let me show you around first."

"Gale, we--"

"Reservations at six, I know, it won't take long." Gale rolled his eyes, then gave her a wink. Was he... including her in some kind of joke?

The confusion must have showed on her face, but he didn't seem to notice, or at least to react.

"This is the living room; there's the television, the bookshelves, a computer console. You're welcome to use any of them, just don't do anything illegal."

"Gale. You can't just let her--"

"Around this corner here is the dining room." Gale took her hand and blithely led her off, into a smaller but still spacious room with a polished wood dining table in the middle, surrounded by six matching chairs. "And the kitchen through here. I don't use it all that much, mostly to make coffee. I usually order food for delivery or up from the room service kitchen."

"Room service? In an apartment building? ...sir?"

He tsked, smiling widely. "Didn't they train you at all? I'm supposed to be 'Master' now, not 'sir'."

"Oh, sh-- sorry. Master."

"Never mind that, just keep up appearances for the others." He winked again. "Yes, the landlord keeps a fully staffed kitchen, but it only runs from five in the morning to midnight, so if you want a middle-of-the-night snack, you'll need another option. You can use the kitchen all you want, of course. I think there's some way to order groceries; if you figure it out, go ahead, it'll be billed to my account. And then back out this way is the bedrooms. Unless things go horribly wrong, you'll be sharing the master bedroom with me, which leaves the guest rooms for actual guests."

Literally the only part of this that made sense to Amalia was sharing the bedroom, but there was no way she was going to complain. Ordering food and groceries herself? Free rein over the entire apartment - well, when he wasn't using something, she assumed. Still, this was looking to be a pretty great deal. Nothing like what she'd imagined being owned by someone was like. Either she'd been completely wrong all this time or she'd lucked out with some sort of eccentric owner. Master.


"Oh come off it, it doesn't take half an hour to get to Dasiri's." Gale sighed, rolling his eyes again, and patted Amalia's shoulder. "You're on your own for a few hours again, but you're welcome to anything in the flat. Don't leave, though; you don't have decent clothes yet and nobody'll be happy if you get lost out there."

"No s-- Master."

"There we go. Make yourself at home, Amy, and wish me luck."

"Uh. Good luck, Master."

Gale waved at her as he strode back out to the living room. "All right, all right, here I am, we can go."
"Finally." The old man gave Amalia that look again as she looked into the room, then pointedly turned and headed for the door. "Someday you'll grow out of causing trouble."

"Wishful thinking gets you nowhere," Gale countered. "Maybe I'll grow into--"

The door closed, cutting off the rest of the conversation and leaving Amalia to herself, alone, with more freedom than she'd had in forever. Even without being allowed to leave.

Well. First order of business: food.

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