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still bad at titles

part 1

The groomer came over as soon as the customers had left, clipping a leash to Amalia's collar and leading her to the washroom in the back before subjecting her to a longer, more thorough washing, brushing, and styling than she'd had in the entire who-knows-how-long she'd been there. Once she- the groomer - was satisfied, Amalia was dressed in the standard shipment clothes (which barely passed for more than undergarments), a blindfold, and a soft rope tying her arms behind her back.

"I was starting to wonder how long I'd be stuck with you." That was the store manager, sounding more cheerful than any other time she'd heard him talking. "What a lucky sale. He paid twice what you're worth."

The manager patted her ass and she resisted the urge to try to kick him in the teeth, despite the blindfold. She'd been sold and her new Master didn't seem terrible. This would be a step up... hopefully.

"Here's the directions," the manager said, sounding like he was turning away as she heard his usual phone notification chime - and then someone was leading her into the back of a car and strapping her in.

It was hard to tell how long the drive was; just long enough for Amalia to work herself into a ball of nerves. This was it; she was officially someone's pet. Now that she was out of the shop, she couldn't fool herself into believing she had any real independence left.

"This is going to be awful," she muttered into the nearly empty car, not expecting a reply from the driver - which was lucky, as she didn't get one.

Eventually - after maybe half an hour, she thought - the car slowed to a halt and the driver got out, the door next to her opening a few moments later.

"Are you sure... yes, that's the right address. Well then." A dubious voice and a tug on her leash led her out of the car. "Come on, let's get you upstairs."

Amalia followed (not that she had much of a choice), led by the leash up some steps, then into what felt like an elevator, going up. After a short while it slowed, then with a soft chime stopped and opened the doors. Another tug on her leash led her out, down what she assumed was a carpeted hallway from the sound of it, and then another stop and some beeps. A quiet click, a door opening, and she was led forward again.

"Looks like he wants you to wait here," the voice said, and a tug down on the leash indicated, she assumed, she was supposed to get down. Kneel, she reminded herself, don't sit.

She knelt, right onto a soft but firm cushion that she assumed was intended for exactly this.

"Here you are. Can't imagine he'll be too much longer." Her "guide" unclipped the leash from her neck. "Just sit tight."

"Great, thanks," she muttered.

There was an amused snort. "No idea what a high-class gentleman like Mr. [???] wants with a girl like you, especially with a mouth like that."

Amalia was still debating whether or not she was going to retort - and ignoring how much the comment stung - when the door latch clicked shut, leaving her alone, blindfolded, and with her arms bound behind her back.

The time ticked on, and she found herself wondering if this was standard procedure. Surely most people either picked up their new pets themselves or had a delivery time scheduled when they would be home? But maybe that's why someone else led her in; the landlord, or at least she assumed this was an apartment building, from the elevator and the code-locked door, had been there to accept the delivery.

She didn't actually care how it was normally done. She just didn't have anything better to think about, stuck kneeling on a pillow in an empty room. There wasn't even anything to look at, since she'd been left with the blindfold still on.

Finally, there was a click that sounded just like the door unlatching, and voices entered into the room.

"--at six, but I want to see if the-- and there she is, perfect." It was the voice of the young man, Gale, who had insisted on his possibly-father buying her.

"I don't know what possessed you to pick her." That was the old man's voice, she was certain.

"Of course you don't," Gale countered cheerfully, and Amalia heard the soft tread of footsteps across carpet coming towards her. Don't tense up, don't panic, it's not going to help anything if you headbutt him in the stomach. "Tsk, didn't realize they'd blindfold you for delivery, I would've come back right away." And with a tug on the back of the blindfold, it came off, leaving her squinting in the sudden brightness.

next part

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