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same time as this

Leo had considered healing the visible marks before going back. He'd stood in front of the mirror, considering his appearance, what it would say about him to his army; was this part of how he wanted to be seen? Did it fit his... well, mythos, though he hadn't been entirely serious about that. But he'd said he could start including her in it, and this would be a reasonable enough place to start. It wasn't as though him having a relationship with Cya Red Doomsday, Mayor of Cloverleaf was a secret, and it made perfect sense that a minor god of battle would play rough in the bedroom, didn't it.

And she'd looked so happy when he suggested not healing any of them. He'd been awful about things at her, lately; going around with some bruises and scratches showing was a simple enough start at making up for it.

Besides. If Luke was going to be flapping around wearing her collar and her jewelry, Leo was entitled to some marks of his own. And he didn't care if it was petty as hell; at least it made him feel less like snarling and punching Luke in the face.

Honestly, though, that was a minor bonus to why he'd suggested - well, asked permission not to heal himself, really. If he wasn't allowed to hurt himself, he was going to use whatever she gave him instead, and gods did it help. The stress, the jealousy and envy, all the internal conflict he'd been struggling with for who knows how long at this point; it would start creeping in again and he would just shift his weight, move a muscle just so, and the dull ache would sharpen as he stressed a bruised muscle and push it back, letting him focus on actually important things. (It definitely didn't hurt that it reminded him of her, either.)

He almost felt relaxed within his General - hell, why not call it his god persona, even, reminding him of why he'd stuck with it for so long. It was fun; leading his army through the ex-nation, basking in the admiration. If he'd been less of an idiot and gone to see Cya sooner, maybe things wouldn't have gotten so bad to begin with.

That's what he was thinking, at least, when a gust and a loud flap caught his attention and he turned to see Luke, flying away.

"Shit," he muttered. He'd been having such a good day, too. "Get me [Lior] and..." Who could he send that could fly? "[Gwen]."

It was only a couple minutes before the teleporter appeared, but Leo couldn't help tapping his fingers impatiently. Why had Luke flown off? He looked off at the Mara's rapidly shrinking silhouette and grimaced. It had to be the marks. Was he angry at Cya about it? He couldn't possibly be jealous...

"Sir." [Lior] appeared next to him.

"Go to Cloverleaf, find Cya. Tell her Luke-- no, her Kept's flown off somewhere, that I have someone following him, and ask what she'd like me to do about it."

[Lior] bowed deeply. "Tell sa'Doomsday her Kept has flown off, that you are having him followed, and that you want to know what to do about it, sir?"

"Exactly. Thank you."

He vanished, presumably back to Cloverleaf. [Gwen] appeared only a minute later; fortunately, Luke was still within sight.

Leo shoved a radio communicator into her hands. "Follow him," he pointed, "don't interfere, let me know if he lands or does anything immediately. Cya'll be pissed if I let him do something stupid."

"Sir." She bowed deeply, then flared her wings. "Yes sir." And with that she took off.
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(Why is Lior in brackets? That's the teleporter they used earlier...)