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So I wasn't originally gonna post this for a while but then Lyn needed a bribe so. Based on spec assumptions for the chess AU that involves Leo being jealous and Cya being short-tempered from stress of the situation

Well if she didn't need him (and the little whisper in his mind that she did was quickly smothered) then he would just not need her, either.

He signalled to [.] by activating the wireless alert with a thought and a spark, then reached into his sleeve, pulling out a knife from its sheathe.

"Sir?" [.] pushed the tent flap open and looked in.

"Come in, close the door behind you. I have an important job for you."

[.] looked flattered and did as he said. "Thank you, sir. What can I do for you?"

Leo flipped the knife around and held out the handle to [.], who took it and waited patiently and unquestioningly as Leo took off his shirt, then turned his back.

"Cut an X through the tattoo."

"...I'm sorry, sir, you... what?" [.] was trying very, very hard not to sound shocked and horrified.

Leo looked back over his shoulder with a small, but reassuring smile. "I'll make an announcement later which will help you understand why, but right now, you're the officer I trust the most. I need you to do this for me, [.]."

That put her at ease, looking flattered again, then determined as she nodded. "Of course, sir. The whole tattoo?"

"Yes. Solid cuts, don't just score the skin."

She stepped up behind him, took a deep breath, and then came the sharp burn of the knife across his back and between his shoulder blades; left to right, then right to left.

"Thank you. Gather everyone for an announcement for me." He held out his hand for his knife, which she handed to him promptly.

"Yes sir." She bowed deeply, then hurried off.

Leo closed his eyes and murmured a Working. The cuts across his back healed - but they healed imperfectly, leaving two thin but ugly scars through the Doomsday tree on his back, the tattoo that marked his oath to Cya. He could have removed the tattoo entirely, but it felt wrong. As long as he was bound by his oath, the tattoo was going to stay; that didn't mean he couldn't cut himself off in other ways. The symbolic X, then informing his army of the change... then, he'd see.

He stretched, feeling the pull of the scar tissue on his skin. Good; it would remind him of what he was doing, of the oaths he was about to ignore. Like the scars on his cheek, only in reverse.

Pulling his shirt back on, he strode out towards the assembly ground, where a platform had already been set up in front of the crowd. He climbed up and took a moment to look out over the army. His army. He inhaled deeply, drawing strength from the thought.

"I know I don't need to remind you of this, but you are my army. I am your leader. I am your only leader. As of this moment, you will no longer answer to anyone else. You are not Cloverleaf's army. You are not Red Doomsday's army. You are mine, and together we will show the world - and Cloverleaf - that we are stronger and better than them. We will keep finding and destroying evil. We will save the world, even if that means saving it from itself. Even if that winds up pitting us against Cloverleaf. We will keep fighting."

He flung his arms wide and his army unanimously raised their arms, their weapons, letting loose a deafening cheer. Leo grinned, lighting the platform with arcs of electricity and letting himself revel in it, letting go of that last corner of restraint.

If he was going to lose Cya, he might as well lose his humanity, too.
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There's "not stable" and then there's ...well, this!!
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Hey, he has to meet his daily requirement for drama one way or another. How else can he be a proper shonen anime protagonist?
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Whoa. D: