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He had to admit he'd been worried, although he couldn't have said what, exactly, he had been worried was going to happen. Whatever it might have been... this was just completely unexpected. Cya was going to Keep Luke - which wasn't the surprising part. No, she was going to have Luke be an advisor. In his army. Under his command. It was... he was going to have to think about it, it was going to be hard to explain, but it was Cya doing it so Leo, of course, agreed.

He paced across his room (he'd been ungrounded almost as soon as she ended her silent treatment), wanting to think through everything before he went back to camp. His people, they wouldn't understand why the man who'd attacked him was being assigned a position of his personal advisor. They barely understood why Luke - who most knew had been their general's teacher, decades ago - had attacked him in the first place. Explaining why just wouldn't fit in a compelling speech, so he'd have to work without that understanding to figure out how to get them to not just tolerate, but accept it.

To make matters worse, it was Luke. Leo had only just started being comfortable with the two of them standing on equal footing the past couple decades or so, and now his former Mentor - who had beaten him half to death, and he still wasn't sure how much of that was from Regine and how much was Luke's own initiative - was going to officially be his legal and social inferior. Kept by Cya and under his own direct command.

He spun on his heel as he reached the edge of the room and stopped, staring at the opposite wall as if it had the answers he wanted. There was no denying that Luke, if he cooperated fully, was a valuable military asset. Leo was no military strategist; he was intelligent and educated enough to assess the pros and cons of different strategies, but he relied on his officers to help come up with them. Having Luke there... well, it depended on how much he would cooperate. How much Cya was going to make him cooperate, Leo amended to himself. And how much Leo himself could get around the idea.

He sighed and resumed pacing. Dealing with Luke's role could wait; he could figure that out as he went, like he did for most things. The part he had to focus on first was how to keep his army from rejecting Luke, or somebody would get hurt and he'd wind up making Cya angry. Again.

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