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House Arrest

Leo was sulking.

He would never admit he was sulking, or, especially, why, but he was, staring out the window of Cya's bedroom - since he wasn't allowed to go anywhere else. He was, as she'd put it, grounded.

Not that he blamed her for being angry; he'd expected it from the moment he told his officers not to get involved in the fight. She was always pissed off when he got himself hurt and if he was being completely honest, he probably didn't have to let it go as long as it did. But he had reasons - both for keeping it as a fight between just him and Luke, and for dragging it out as long as he possibly could.

The first was easiest, and hardest. If he'd let them, his top officers could have helped him restrained Luke with much less damage to everyone involved. But then it would have been, officially, an aggression of his army on the core personnel of Addergoole, and that would almost assuredly have led to an attack from those bound or loyal to the school. Restricting it to Luke and himself kept it a personal conflict and one that could reasonably be smoothed over.

The second was hardest, and easiest. The longer he held out, the more damage he could do to Luke in return, which would make him easier to handle for the rest and impress upon his former Mentor that he wasn't a pushover, even if he was a few centuries younger. And, of course, there was his own personal pride... but that wasn't as compelling a reason outside of his own head.

Leo had intended to tell Cya all of that, once she'd gotten the initial anger out of her system. But then, she'd told him he was grounded. Grounded. It stung, way more than he was ever, ever going to let on, that the woman he loved and respected and had sworn to serve and obey had decided to punish him like a disobedient child. And to make matters worse, aside from the initial commands holding him to her room, she was refusing to speak to him. She was refusing to even look at him.

It was boring. It was lonely. Worst, it was humiliating.

He was sulking, and he was never going to admit it.
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Aww Leo.

I wonder how long he stays away after she releases the grounding?
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Good good. It wont' take her long to get over the worse of the anger once he's visibly healed.