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Only a Flesh Wound

Black eye, left
Slash wound, right shoulder
Stab wound, right side under ribs

"Leo, dammit, just stay down!"

Multiple cracked ribs
One fractured rib
Improperly healed abdominal wound; internal bleeding
Multiple severe burns

He wouldn't. He'd known from the start he couldn't win.

Missing ear, right
Missing arm, left
Broken, sprained jaw

He couldn't win, but he wouldn't give up.

Slash wound, left thigh
Broken left femur, unset, poorly healed
Multiple hairline fractures, left leg

If they're not trying to kill you, you have to keep getting up.

Hairline fracture, right femur
Sprained ankle, right

Until beating you down again is too much trouble.

Dislocated shoulder, right
Sprained wrist, right

Ignore the pain. Keep getting up.

Mild concussion


Significant blood loss

And over.
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And /this/ is why Cya is so mad at him :-D